The first preventive
anti-under-inflation & anti-puncture shield
Auto – Motorcycle – Heavy goods vehicules

Military technology within everyone’s reach! No longer fear a puncture, whether it is the inconvenience, or the dangerousness that this phenomenon can cause, Wheelsecure is there for you.

Compatible with all types of tires and all vehicles (passenger cars, LCVs, two-wheelers, etc.), it spreads by centrifugal force after injection into the tire and is intended to be fully effective after 50 kilometers traveled. A clean, fast, economical intervention to drive serene !

WHEELSECURE is a workshop service distributed throughout France through our installation partners (see the list of our Motorcycle / Car / Truck points of sale in the “find a distributor” tab) Don’t wait any longer to choose WHEELSECURE and equip your vehicles !

Safetysay goodbye to flat tires

WHEELSECURE is a permanent self-sealing preventive shield for the tire . It immediately and permanently repairs everyday punctures on the tread (4 punctures per tire). Injected by the valve, the gel is distributed evenly over the tread to protect it thanks to the centrifugal force. Its thixotropic formula defies gravity. Once in place, it does not fall back into the tire even after a long period of time of & rsquo; immobilization. It does not generate unbalance or vibration after break-in, even at high speed.

Numerous accidents happen every day due to poor tire pressure . An under-inflated tire will cause uneven road grip and overheating of the tread which can cause the tire to burst. As a reminder, 78% per cent of the French automobile fleet is chronically driven under inflation. WHEELSECURE here plays a preventive anti-underinflation role, by reducing the porosity of your tires on the tread. </ p >

Thus, You optimize your safety, that of the personnel operating your vehicles and also those of other road users by minimizing the risk of punctures and bursts.

ComfortRide with peace of mind

Ride with peace of mind, your tires last up to 25% longer thanks to the anti-under-inflation action.

The driver is no longer even aware of having a puncture, since the tire is self-repaired by the WHEELSECURE shield .

Passengers and goods are better protected.

Savingssave daily savings

You master and reduce your fuel and tire budget , which improves economic performance of your business.

Under-inflation induces greater rolling resistance which results in mechanical overconsumption of fuel and tire gum, furthermore producing an increase in CO2 and fine particle emissions .

For this reason, with the use of WHEELSECURE, your tires will have an increased lifespan up to 25% and your induced fuel economy will be around 3 to 5%!

You also save on all costs associated with a possible puncture: breakdown service, immobilization of the vehicle, compensation for late deliveries, plasters, balancing bags and other repairs. </ p>

Focusin general

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    EFFICIENCY AND SAFETY: The WHEELSECURE shield is effective throughout the life of your tire. Chemically inert, its handling under normal conditions of use is not dangerous (neither carcinogenic nor reprotoxic …).

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    PROTECTION: The WHEELSECURE shield protects the rim against rust, corrosion, and slow oxidation processes.

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    RESISTANCE: The WHEELSECURE shield can be stored for over 60 months at temperatures of -35 ° C to + 45 ° C, protected from UV rays in its original packaging. It retains all of its properties at operating temperatures above 90 ° C.

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    EASE OF MAINTENANCE: The WHEELSECURE shield is an easily washable product, without glue, and which does not react with the materials of the tire. It does not sink or splash. The product washes off with water and decomposes to a powder when exposed to UV.