Light vehicles
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Whether your tires are new or not, there is a risk of a puncture, especially as 80% of vehicles are no longer equipped with a spare tire at the time of purchase. Indeed, manufacturers now offer repair kits (which expire after 3 years). The wick is not a temporary repair and the tire sealant permanently condemns your tire, see the tire set if it is worn.Finally, recent cars are more exposed to objects that can pierce the tread, due to more tires. wide.

Are you a professional craftsman and your vehicle is your working tool? Assistance contracts do not compensate for the delay or the quality of the service you offer! No need to convince yourself that a puncture or bursting of your tires can have a considerable impact on your business: immobilization of your vehicle, breakdown and repair costs, not to mention a loss of revenue vis-à-vis your customers.

WHEELSECURE range high speed effectively protects you against all these hazards.

Heavy goods vehicles
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Whether you are independent, responsible for a company fleet, road or transport professional, with the WHEELSECURE solution range high speed , you have a competitive advantage over other carriers . The risk of delays linked to a puncture or a burst are reduced by 80%!

You optimize the availability of your fleet of vehicles by drastically limiting the downtime of vehicles and drivers. And by limiting all the costs that are induced by such situations.

You enhance the safety of the staff in your vehicles by not exposing them to risky situations. But also that of other road users by minimizing the risk of collateral damage.

You control your tire and fuel budget which improves the economic performance of your business.

You drive “green” by reducing your CO2 emissions and your emissions of fine particles which improves your image of your company while preserving the quality of life for all.

When responding to calls for tenders, few carriers are able to provide such guarantees of safety, CSR commitment, and innovative offers to their customers.

Motorcycles – Quads
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A flat tire is the fear of two-wheeler users, for them the consequences are often much more serious.

Punctures are also the fear of Quads that are never equipped with a spare tire. How to get help when you are lost on a track?

The WHEELSECURE treatment range high speed, provides them with a preventive, effective solution against punctures, bursts and underinflation.


Whether you are independent, responsible for a fleet or a fleet of tractors and rolling vehicles in difficult environments such as construction sites, quarries or mines, use WHEELSECURE range low speed , gives you an indisputable competitive advantage and makes your business more fluid:

The risks of delay linked to a puncture or a burst on this type of tire are expensive! Repairs are long and require the intervention of specialists, not always available when you need them. Your production is then affected.

With WHEELSECURE range low speed , optimize the availability of your fleet of vehicles by drastically limiting the immobilization of vehicles and drivers. You optimize the safety of your vehicle staff and better control your tire budget

off road

Heavy-duty tires are subjected to severe mechanical stresses and are more often subject to bursting due to overheating of the gum. Thanks to Wheelsecure with heat transfer properties, un pneumatic treated, sees its heating temperature greatly reduced.