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WheelSecure offers a universal product valid for all types of vehicles. It is injected only by professionals, which is a guarantee of the quality of the service. The application is fast since the wheels can be processed simultaneously.

The tire equipment is easily done by a professional and does not require therefore not a very long downtime of the vehicle.

Treated tires are recognizable by the blue colored valve caps.

Professional product

Wheelsecure’s protection on the inner tread of the tire reduces pressure loss up to 10 times , which achieves substantial average savings of up to 6% on fuel consumption and prolongs tire life by up to 30%.

The break-in period is quick and effective after ten kilometers driven .

Wheelsecure performs centrifugal balancing of the wheel at over 40 km / h throughout the life of the tire, which occurs automatically due to the viscosity of the product.

Wheelsecure guarantees efficiency and protection throughout the life of the tire .

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