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Because you never choose the location, circumstances or time of the puncture, it is best to act before you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. Any self-respecting professional will say, “There is nothing more effective than gum at repairing gum. “Repairs made by a foreign body (a wick or a gel containing fibers) can alter the mechanical characteristics of the tire as indicated by the manufacturer. Thus, some manufacturers (BMW for example) prohibit any repair by wick. The fact that the WHEELSECURE shield is mainly composed of rubber, the repairs carried out have no effect on the mechanical characteristics of the tire. Finally a preventive, effective and safe puncture-proof system!


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WHEELSECURE can handle all types of vehicles. Tires treated with the Wheelsecure under shield inflate up to ten times less and are protected against more than 8 punctures out of 10. Whether on the road, on family vacations, on a construction site, or during a quad competition, WHEELSECURE protects you in all circumstances. Protection, savings, ecology and road comfort are the four pillars of our offer. Discover the advantages of our product according to your needs:

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WheelSecure offers a universal product valid for all types of vehicles. It is injected only by professionals, which is a guarantee of the quality of the service. Application is quick since the wheels can be processed simultaneously.